The Common Lingo of Backgammon

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The terminology of the backgammon is more than sufficient to scare away. If you are a novice for the game of backgammon, then you must be completely blank about words like Anchor, pip count, etc. If a gamer turns up to you and claims that he found a joker, are you in a position to understand what he's actually saying? If you are simply wondering as to what the pip count really is, then you need not bother much as there are many people who are unaware of this jargon. The lingo of the Backgammon might be a bit confusing, but it is necessary to understand some of the terms when there are loads of them.

I will explain you the commonly used lingo in Backgammon. Surely, after finding out the secrets of backgammon terminology, I am sure you'll go to your preferred online casino and flaunt the same like a professional backgammon gamer. Let's discuss some of the terms you may encounter during a backgammon game session:

1. Joker = Joker means a great and lucky roll. It has strong powers to affect the outcome of the game in favor of the gamer.

2. Anchor = Anchor means two or more than two chips occupied at any point of the game within the opponents inner board.

3. Blot = A single chip that is susceptible to the attacks by the opposite player is termed as a blot.

4. Bearing off = An act of removing the chips off the board is termed as bear off.

5. Single game = It means winning the game by bearing all the chips against the opponent especially when even the opposite player is bearing off.

6. Gammon = Gammon means winning by bearing all the chips against the opponent especially when the competitor has not even started bearing off.

7. Backgammon = Backgammon means winning the game. A person will win when he bears off all the chips before the opposite gamer hasn't even started bearing off the chips and the opponent also has the blot on a bar.

8. Point = There are 24 points in this game. By any means it isn't a score, but they are actually the triangles representing the spaces in the game. The same can, however, be used for scoring the number of winnings to analyze the game worth. For instance, if a player wins one game, then it is worth 1 point, a double game or a gammon is worth two points, and a triple game or "backgammon" is 3 points.

9. Pip Count = The pip count means the points that a gamer requires for bearing off the chips. Since the beginning of the game, each and every player proceeds as 167 as pip count. Here's the split up for the pip count of the 167 points for each gamer:
Points 13 x 5 chips = 65
Points 24 x 2 = 48
Points 8 x 3 = 24
Points 6 x 5 = 30

10. Hit = For attacking the blot of the opposite player, the blot is kept on the centre bar of board.

11. Hit can cover = Not only do you attack a blot of the opponent, but also go on moving the same chip from time to time so as to protect a blot that otherwise would have been susceptible to attack.

There are loads of terms in the jargon of Backgammon. The above-mentioned are the commonest jargon used in a Backgammon game. Now you can without hesitation proceed and play like a pro backgammon player.

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